Mike and Ann Story
Mike and Ann Story

Hi, We're Mike & Ann Buoy...

We are husband and wife, lovers, best friends, soul mates, parents and business partners. We are visual storytellers using photography as the vehicle to tell the stories that create the novel of our lives.

We were not born with cameras in our hands. We didn't start when we were 12 years old. We do not have degrees in photography or image processing. We didn't actually dream of one day even doing this! It is not our goal to win awards or popularity contests.

What we do have is the desire to capture and document the moments with loved ones that tell the story of you and your family and who you are. It is the credentials of our hearts that matter most!

We have a deep passion for documenting life in an authentic and organic way as you experience it. We capture the essence of who you are by having you in an environment that is meaningful to you - no studio or props or backdrops. The "perfect image" is nothing if it's not someone's perfect moment. Just real life - unscripted.

We create not only amazing imagery, but an incredible experience.

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